Darpan NGO ID : GJ/2017/0164560

United Way of Baroda

A New Ray of Hope

Krishna Purohit is a 36 year old unmarried woman. She is an enthusiastic person and dreams of becoming a singer. She practices almost four hours every day to achieve her dreams of becoming a well-known singer.

Belonging to a family comprises of five persons the monthly family income is Rs.15000/- only which is variable on shows. She had asthma since young age and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her health further deteriorates when she suffered from a viral infection which affected her kidneys and led to kidney failure. Adding to the problems her father also got a severe paralytic attack and the left side of his body became dysfunctional. She required three dialysis sessions in a week to survive. The medical expenses were becoming unaffordable for her family.

The staff of India Renal Foundation came across Krishna and her struggle. She is being provided free treatment under a project supported by United Way Baroda. She undergoes three haemodialysis every week at a hospital nearby her residence. She is also provided iron injections and necessary medications. The support from United Way Baroda has relieved her of the financial burden. Her shattered dreams are again seeing a ray of hope.