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Darpan NGO ID : GJ/2017/0164560

United Way of Baroda


Sustainable Development through Health, Education & Income Generation

forbesForbes Ranks United Way #1 and a Top 5 Pick for Efficiency
As per Forbes “The United Way is the ONLY non-profit organization to have made it to the list, coming in at No. 26 with a brand value of $14.3 billion. The United Way was founded in 1887 and is comprising of 1,800 local United Way chapters across 41 countries and territories.


United Way of Baroda is the first local United Way set up in India in 1986. 30 years back United Way of Baroda was founded by Baroda Citizens Council with support from United Way International & UNICEF. United Way of Baroda is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act in 1998 & FCRA.

Over three decades, United Way of Baroda is supporting communities, local NGOs and government for sustainable improvement in quality of life of less privileged people in and around Gujarat.

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