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Darpan NGO ID : GJ/2017/0164560

United Way of Baroda

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Shri Lalitbhai Patel (Voltamp) Women’s Empowerment Project

Empowering Women for Improving Nutrition of Pregnant Women

“Shri Lalitbhai Patel (Voltamp) Women’s Empowerment project” with funding support from Voltamp Transformers Ltd. is providing nutrition supplementation to undernourished pregnant women residing in slums of Vadodara. The undernourished pregnant women are being provided nutritionally rich food during their second and third trimester of pregnancy. The nutritionally rich food items are being developed in consultation with a nutritional expert to ensure maximum improvement in the health status of the pregnant women.

Project Outcome:

  1. Improvement in nutritional status of pregnant women
  2. Improved health status of pregnant women
  3. Ensuring normal birth weight of newborn
  4. Income generation for local women’s group